dFunktional | Mobile Marketing Trends That Define 2018
In a world full of smartphones (and one full of people addicted to them) every brand should go mobile - or go home.
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All You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing (Infographic)

One of the most critical aspects of managing a company is a successful marketing campaign. Mobile marketing is considered to be among the best marketing channels. It became a thing at the beginning of the 21st century when the first SMS messages with promotional content were sent.


The introduction of smartphones has fueled the use of mobile marketing. People cannot imagine a day without using them, as they offer quick and simple access to the internet. A study we found at Appgeeks conducted in 2015 shows that 92% of adults owned a mobile, while 73% of them owned a personal computer.


There are several types of endpoints for mobile marketing. Some of them include SMS marketing, app-based marketing, push notifications, email marketing, QR code marketing, etc. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of how companies implemented mobile marketing.


Nissan’s marketing team has created an amazing mobile marketing campaign. In 2014, it produced an interactive video which gave users the ability to tap touch screens in order to load more info about various features of a car. This was quite a successful campaign as it resulted in a 78% completion rate and 93% of engagement.


Carl’s Jr.’s mobile marketing campaign is another example of a well thought out marketing campaign. The company offered a 50% discount on a meal combo only if participants had opted in to receive SMS messages. As a result, 20% of the customers redeemed mobile coupons.


Want to find out more? Check out the amazing infographic below to see how other businesses implemented mobile marketing in their advertising campaigns.



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